Huddersfield New Testament Church of God

Enter Into His Gates With Thanksgiving


The 1950’s and 60’s saw the (Diaspora) movement of Caribbean peoples to the British Isles in response to a call from England the mother country. The call was made to satisfy the need for workers in the mills, the factories, the hospitals and the trains and buses. Many who came had no intention of staying more than five years but ended up remaining for the long term, establishing roots and raising families.

Many of the migrants faced hardships, discrimination, and hostility; many were underpaid in comparison to their white counterparts and found refuge by living in inadequate housing. Those in the Christian faith felt unwelcomed in the local church communities, choosing rather to meet in their own homes, in rented rooms and school halls for prayer and fellowship. (Excerpt from book written by doctor S. E. Arnold from Scepticism to Hope).


It was against this backdrop where was a need for people of faith to unite together that the New Testament Church of God was established under the leadership of Dr. Oliver A. Lyseight, the first National Overseer.


At about the same time, Curtis Grey, a young man working on the buses, felt a deep call of God to start a group in Leeds. He along with Isaiah Campbell started a fellowship at the home of Brother and Sis Beckford where they held a series of Gospel meetings, this work would eventually lead to the establishing of the Huddersfield New Testament Church of God. 


Revd. Curtis Grey went on to pioneer mission works in Bradford, Halifax, Newcastle upon Tyne, Stafford, Redditch, Willenhall and Cardiff and he would subsequently go on to become:  Missionary in Liberia, Missionary Overseer to Nigeria, Superintendent of the Church of God in West and Central Africa.


1961          Under the direction of Rev Curtis Grey the NTCG Huddersfield was established at Station Street. Deacon Gershon Copeland was placed in charge with assistance from Minister Rupert Beckford. Early Pioneer Members were: Bro & Sis G Edwards, Bro & Sis McLeary (First Church Secretary Treasurer), Sister Bingham, Sister Hall, Brother Winston Allison Brother & Sis Langdon, Sis Naomi Joseph,  Brother Arthur & Sis Myrtle Scott


1962          Sister Bingham opened her home for prayer and fellowship and from those early days,  the church was located in various temporary locations prominent amongst which was Temperance Hall.


1963          The church moved to Clara Street, Birkby under the leadership of Revd V.R.M. Nelson a gifted teacher and theologian who would later go on to establish the Church of God of Fellowship in Huddersfield.


1964             Rev Urlin Grey (brother of Curtis & Benjamin Grey) is appointed Pastor


 1968             Desiring to move from a rented hall to a place where they could call their own, the brethren earnestly prayed and fasted unto God. Sister Daisy Langdon received a vision of a dove over a church building and was led to the church building at Great Northern Street.  Other memories refer to the vision as the hand of God holding a key over the church building. As a result of her vision,  Sister Langdon informed Revd. Urlin Grey who then made enquiries and negotiated to buy the building.


September 1969                  

 The Church under the leadership of Rev Urlin Grey relocate from Station Street to 8a Great Northern Street.


1972          Rev Urlin Grey emigrates to the United States


1972           Rev Samuel Campbell is appointed Pastor

1976           Rev Benjamin Grey, National Evangelist and Brother of Curtis and Urlin Grey), is appointed Pastor.  Under his leadership the church grew rapidly spiritually and numerically. The church is recognised nationally for its lead in Evangelism & Mission based ministries winning many awards. Service to the community remained a key element of the church's mission in Huddersfield. The 70s and the 80s were a volatile period of time in our history with high unemployment, police harassment and rioting by disaffected, marginalised youth.


The church was not only a vital sounding board for issues of the day but also made representations on community councils, youth councils, police committees to help address these pressing issues.


Rev. Grey a builder by profession launched an major refurbishment programme at the Church premises in partnership with NACRO rehabilitation programme which provided employment for ex-offender’s and members of the community.


He implemented the annual children's playscheme and developed good working relations with the Kirklees Youth Service .  The Senior Citizens Luncheon Club was established providing a vital meeting point for aged persons. In later years the Luncheon club would go on to provide Internet / computer training, handicrafts, exercise, educational visits and recreational games to senior members of the community.


During his tenure the church experienced numerical growth. 


1988          Rev Grey is appointed as Sheffield District Bishop


1988          Rev Clifford Fisher is appointed Pastor.
He is instrumental in establishing “Carib Care” and other community based ministries.  Carib Care was the precursor and catalyst for a partnership project, building a new home on the site of the former Hartley Manor at Bradley, now known as Bradley Court.  


2002          Rev Fisher retires and emigrates to Jamaica


2003          Rev Paul Thomas is appointed Pastor

Under his leadership community projects such as “Beyond the Gates”, “Street Angels” and Biblical Inspiration Dance and are established in Huddersfield.  The church wins a Community Award for the Best Leadership Team in Kirklees.


2010          Rev Thomas is appointed as Nottingham District Bishop


 2010          Rev Patrick Pryce is appointed Pastor

He was instrumental in setting up a number of community initiatives for the provision of change, education and social interaction in partnership with organisations within the Kirklees area.   


 2018          Rev Paul Levene is appointed Pastor.